Beyond Stupid

Following fears about health and safety children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig will be forced to wear a seatbelt in future episodes. The animation company behind the series, Astley Baker Davies, has also said it will go back and re-animate previous episodes where Peppa does not wear a seatbelt.

Co-founder of the animation company Mark Baker is quoted as saying:

“If we could turn back the clock we would.”

The issue was initially raised when a mother wrote to Nickelodeon saying that her child had refused to put on her seatbelt in the car because she wanted to be like Peppa Pig.

All this raised a couple of further issues. Firstly, Peppa is a pig, and pigs do not ride in cars, regardless of any human like personality traits they may have. Secondly, any parent who cannot get their child to put on a seatbelt in the car is either not fit to be a parent or is mentally deficient in some way.

I know its a cliche to say it, but this is another case of health and safety gone mad. The sooner people stop blaming their shitty parenting skills on other people the better.

BBC News

Thanks also to Will Wybrow for bringing this story to my attention.

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One Response to “Beyond Stupid”

  1. Will Says:

    Spot on, as usual. “I’m not wearing a seatbelt because a cartoon character on TV doesn’t wear one” is not indicative of irresponsible children’s TV shows but irresponsible parents. It’s along the same lines as saying the media makes children violent.

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